Donate a Ticket Scottish Cup

First Round
Full Time
Gretna 2008
Lowland League
Rossvale Football Club
Scottish Juniors
Tickets Donated
Gretna 2008
Time Remaining
Full Time
Total Tickets Donated: 166
Total Money Raised: £830

Total raised so far in the Donate a Ticket Scottish Cup


About the Donate a Ticket Scottish Cup

32 clubs have entered the knockout tournament but there can only be 1 winner. The round of 32 kicks off at 7pm on Thursday the 7th of May and the 16 winners will progress to the second round, to be played on the 14th of May.

Ties are decided on the amount of ticket donations ‘sold’ for each club over 72 hours. There’ll be prizes provided by most clubs so with every ticket you donate, you’ll also entered in to a raffle.

On behalf of all clubs involved, thank you for your donations.

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